Easy, automatic, approachable, intuitive, powerful.


Our UControl platform is the simplest solution in the market. Gain control over all your facilities in an intuitive, approachable and powerful way. Monitor your assets at all times and in all your companies by navigating amongst them and watching their functioning.

This app has the ability to configure all your equipment, metrics, alarm limits and warnings, location and organization of your facilities.
Thanks to the user administration roles (administrator, supervisor and read) all the workforce can be connected to the platform. This makes it the most powerful in the market for sending alarms or warnings, which can be differentiated from other alarms.

Offers multiple views for sensors with different configurable intervals. You can not only watch real-time measurements but you can also select different time intervals to better understand the history, all in a very intuitive and easy way.

An intelligent platform for real-time control using the Smart Panel method. You can have a complete visualization of your infrastructure applying the real-time signaling concept. Have absolute control in every moment.

A constantly evolving application for the industry deploying the latest improvements in telemetry and listening to our customers’ needs.