Scalable, flexible, LoRa / SigFox / Wi-Fi

Universal Points.

  • 4-20ma
  • UART
  • I2C
  • AD
  • HART
  • 1-WIRE

  • Long range
  • 3G/4G
  • Wi-Fi
  • Autonomous
  • RTC Clock
Cloud / App

  • UControl app
  • Web interface
  • API


The solution we developed at UTelemetry aims to monitor any kind of data coming from remote sensors through our app: UControl. This way, we can identify and classify such data by company, branch, sector, point and sensor.
These sensors are placed in sealed boxes and do not require any connection with the company’s infrastructure as they use rechargeable batteries that have a 2-year autonomy on average, depending on timing and sensors. Information is sent wirelessly using communication technology through LoRaWAN, which allows a very long range between the point and the concentrator delivering the data to our Cloud platform.
Our hybrid 4G/Wi-FI gateway receives information from each sensor and transmits it through the best connection available. If the Wi-Fi connection is available and stable, it will use this means. Otherwise, the information will be sent through 4G communication.
The 4G SIM is multicarrier and uses the telecommunications company that has the best signal at that point and moment. It is worth mentioning that it can be used in any country around the world, thus increasing its potential.


Hybrid 4G+Wi-Fi gateway that recognizes sensors up to a 200-meter radius in closed spaces and over a 5000-meter radius in open areas with direct view.
It does not require the customer’s infrastructure.
Sensors battery life: 2 years or more.
Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (eco-friendly).
Completely wireless.
Simple implementation.
Strong app with real-time multi-user, multi-company, multi-branch and multi-sector alarm notifications.
REAL TIME signaling.
Out of range alarms in each sensor.
Hardware, software and app of our own creation.
Ability to operate worldwide.
API available to integrate the received data with the customer’s software.
Concentrator/gateway with in- built batteries and power off notifications.


The universal measuring point supports a great number of protocols to connect different sensors:

  • 4-20ma
  • UART
  • I2C
  • AD
  • HART
  • 1-WIRE

With these capabilities, we can fulfill most market needs for sensors. We can also create special sensors for specific requirements.
All sensors are then adjusted through software by our platform, providing them with the reasonable values that need to be visualized and setting up the corresponding parameters.
The measuring points work under extended temperature range without the need for external power sources and can be powered by dry contact. This allows them to be adaptable to any project.

Our solution can be applied to any kind of industry: food, dairy, farming, oil, electrical, etc. As we develop both hardware and software, we can produce specific designs for every industry if required.


Our goal is to achieve a cyclical reading of measurements where required. This way, you could gain knowledge about the real functioning of your facilities and the corresponding notifications. It is worth noting that notifications do not require the app to be running. On the other hand, you will have real-time signaling. This can be done through mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets using the UControl app as well as the comprehensive management website, providing easy reading of all your companies and branches at a glance.

All measurement logs are saved for later use without exception. This information can be downloaded from our comprehensive management website, as well as by REST API on demand without restrictions.

The app is completely intuitive and very easy to use. It also arranges in the upper part of The app is fully intuitive and very easy to use. It also sorts notifications by criticality and places them in the upper part of the screen. If any value on the lists exceeds the tolerance level or criticality, it will move to the top part of the screen automatically.

Please note that the points can be configured on demand. Names and descriptions, tolerance level, notifications, etc. can all be configured. We include some pictures of the UControl app so that you can see how it works.


One of the most significant aspects is that the architecture has scalable deployment without information saturation which allows implementing our solution in a specific local area as well as in different provinces or states and countries. You will be able to see real-time information with its time zone and get notifications and alarms automatically. It is also possible to make comparisons, check historical logs, etc. You will be able to use this information in your platforms as you see fit.

You can have as many devices running in each branch as necessary. Hundreds of them can be needed in a company, while only a few in a small branch. Both scenarios can be perfectly arranged and work under the same autonomy and communication standard.


Our solution has multiple connectivity capabilities and uses EDGE/FOG architecture.

Full connectivity:

  • LoRa using 3G/4G multi-carrier gateway and Wi-Fi simultaneously.
  • SigFox
  • Wi-Fi

In the image, you can see the classic architecture that can be connected both to our servers in the cloud and to the customer’s servers in special implementations using the MQTT protocol.



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