Reduce costs.
 Increase productivity.
 Improve your processes.
 Quality guaranteed.
 Take care of your assets.


We have the best specialists in every subject that develop and create the products that the industries had been waiting for. Our team, formed by engineers, physicists, mathematicians and scientist are available to start new challenges. We have already developed sensors that can withstand temperatures above 200ºC for a specific amount of time, new data transmission systems, among other things. We believe that telemetry should be available for everyone. That’s why two years ago we set as our goal to create our own electronics and we have developed our own gateways. We also created our sensor’s connection points and developed UControl, our graphics and alerts visualization system. This last year we have developed and created new sensors. Our infrastructure makes us have record installation times, the most competitive prices and the most complete solutions in the market.

Industrial Cooling.

• Real-time alerts for cuts or problems with the power supply.
• Know the relative temperature and humidity in all your facilities and products in real time and at a low cost.
• We have sensors that simulate the food’s temperature for a better measurement.
• Know how your engines are working, anticipate future problems.
• Measure the pressure of each cold storage.
• Internal pressure of cold storages.
• Evaporator’s temperature.
• Door opening control.
• Visualize consumption per phase in each of your facilities.
• Visualize all measures and assign temperature control limits to the sensors for different types of foods (frozen, vegetables, meat, etc). An alert will be sent the moment the temperature is not between the established limits.
• Have strict control over the cooling chain when transporting food and other products. Know the localization of your transport units in real time.

Ripening and greenhouses.

• Know the color of your plants.
• Know the humidity and temperature of the soil.
• Measure the amount of liquid in the tanks.
• Control in a precise way the functioning of the watering systems.

Oil & Gas

• We make special projects. Out team of scientist, engineers, physicists and mathematicians can develop custom-made solutions, at a low cost and reusable.
• Know in real time the tools that are being used in your drilling well.
• Optimize your business using the new sensors that we have developed.


• Measure the position of your animals and see: temperature, pressure, heart rate, age, weight and all the information you need in real time.
• Take care of your silo bags. With our systems you’ll know if your bags are suffering any loses or if they’re broken.
• Measure humidity, composition, air and atmosphere in your field (all kind of crops) and optimize production.

Dairy and brewing

• Our systems can help you monitor the pasteurization process accurately.
• With UControl you’ll be able to see in real time the temperature of the fluids and generate alerts connected to your equipment in order to achieve the best point in pasteurization.