Scaleable, autonomous, flexible, LoRa / SigFox / Wi-Fi.

Universal Points.

  • 4-20ma
  • UART
  • I2C
  • AD
  • HART
  • 1-WIRE

  • Long range
  • 3G/4G
  • Wi-Fi
  • Autonomous
  • RTC Clock
Cloud / App

  • UControl app
  • Web analysis
  • API


The solution we develop aims to monitor through our app (UControl) any kind of data that comes from remote sensors, allowing identification by company, branch, sector, point and sensor.
Sensors are placed in sealed boxes that don’t require any type of connection with the company’s infrastructure, as they use rechargeable batteries as power source that have a 2 year autonomy (depending on the timing and sensors). Information that is sent is wireless and it uses communication technology through LoRaWAN. This allows a very long range between the point and the concentrator, which delivers data to our Cloud platform.
Our Hybrid Gateway (4G / Wi-Fi) receives information from each sensor and it transmits it through the best connection available. If the Wi-Fi connection is available and stable, it will use this mean. Otherwise, the information is sent though 4G communication.
The SIM 4G that we use is multicarrier and uses the telecommunications company that has the best signal in that point and moment. It can be used in any country in the world, increasing its potential.


Hybrid gateway (4G + WI-Fi) that recognizes sensors up to a 200 meters radio in closed spaces and more than 1000 meters in open areas with free view.
It doesn’t require the client’s infrastructure.
Battery life of sensors (2 years or more).
Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (eco-friendly).
Full wireless.
Simple implementation.
Solid app with alert notifications in real time, multi-user, multi-company, multi-branch and multi-sector.
Signaling in real time.
Alerts for values out of defined rank in each sensor.
Complete hardware, software and app design.
Possibility to operate worldwide.
API available to integrate the received data with the client’s software.
Concentrator / gateway with incorporated batteries and notifications in case of a power cut.


The universal measuring point supports a great amount of protocols to connect different sensors:

  • 4-20ma
  • UART
  • I2C
  • AD
  • HART
  • 1-WIRE

With these abilities we can cover most needs in the market for sensors. We can also create special sensors for specific requirements. All the sensors are then adjusted through software by our platform, transforming them into the reasonable values needed to visualize and being able to establish all the corresponding parameters.
The measuring points work under extended ranks of temperature, without any need of external power sources and it’s able to be powered by dry contact, being adaptable to any project.

Our solution can be applied to any kind of industry: food-processing, dairy, farming, oil & gas, electric. This is because specific designs can be developed for every industry if they’re required, as we make both the hardware and the software.


Our goal is to achieve a cyclical reading of measurements where it’s required in order to obtain knowledge about the real functioning of your installations and notifications (notifications don’t need the app working). On the other hand, you’ll have the signaling in real time. This can be done through mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets using the app UControl as well as the integrated management website. These will provide an easy reading of all your companies and branches.

In addition, the measures registers are saved for later use. This information can be downloaded from our management website, as well as by API REST on demand and without any restrictions.

The app is completely intuitive and very easy to use. It also arranges in the upper part of the screen the notifications by how critical they are. If any value on the lists surpasses the tolerance or critical level it will move to the upper part of the screen automatically.

It’s important to know that the points can be configured on demand. You can configure the names and their descriptions, the tolerance, the notifications, etc. We include some pictures of the app UControl so that you can see how it works.


One of the most important points is that the architecture has a scalable display without any information saturation. Therefore, the solution can be implemented in a local area as well as in different provinces or states and countries and you’ll still be able to see the information in real time with its time zone, notifications and alerts automatically and you can make comparisons, check the records, etc. You’ll be able to use this information in your platforms as you see fit.

You can have as many devices in each branch as you need. Thousand of them can be installed in a company, while a small branch maybe needs only a few. This can be perfectly arranged and they can all work under the same autonomy and communication.


Our solution counts with multiple abilities regarding connectivity and it implements the architecture EDGE / FOG.

Full connectivity:

  • LoRa (using gateway with 3G/4G multicarrier and simultaneous Wi-Fi)
  • SigFox
  • Wi-Fi

In the image you can see the classic architecture that can be connected both to our servers in the cloud and to the client’s servers in special implementations, using the MQTT protocol.



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