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We create, build and develop our own gateways, measuring points, software and sensors that can be applied to any kind of industry and business requiring sensor systems.

The most competitive in the market. 100% leasing, get all the equipment leased. Forget about high costs, repairs and updates. We take care of everything.
We develop Telemetry Hardware and Software and IoT solutions.
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Customized telemetry projects: discover the experience you need with UTelemetry.



Device that collects and processes all the information and sends it to our cloud-based software.

Long coverage range (LoRa).
Detects power cuts.
Electrical autonomy.
Supports up to 20 points.
Allows 4G multi-carrier/Wi-Fi.

Measuring point

Device that gathers information from the sensors and sends it to the gateway or the cloud using SigFox.

Our points support all the sensors in the market which, in turn, can be custom-made in our R&D department.
Connectivity 4-20ma and UART to obtain readings from special equipment.
We develop sensors and connection points that withstand extreme temperatures.
Two years electrical autonomy, USB rechargeable.
LoRa, SigFox or Wi-Fi connectivity.


Real-time visualization of sensor measurements. Available in Android/IOS stores.

User Friendly.
Warnings and alarms notifications.
Intelligent signaling.
User-based and multi-company roles.
Artificial intelligence.


Comp. A
Comp. B
Hybrid 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity.
No need to use customer’s infrastructure.
Great durability battery in measuring points.
Easy implementation.
Solid multi-corporate app.
Gateway with built-in battery.
Power cut notifications.
Standard management API.
Mobile multi-operator connectivity.
Comprehensive management web.
Applicable to any sensor in the market.
Configurable sensor alarms.
100% wireless.

Installation and commissioning

Placement and immediate solution startup.

Display and distance

Our solution is designed to reach an unlimited radius.

Wide connectivity

Wi-Fi, 2G / 3G / 4G, loraWAN, SigFox.


Encrypted, confidential and private system.


We integrate our systems with yours.



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